How to Publish an Article on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just for posting your previous work history. It is an opportunity to provide your opinions and knowledge of a specific niche. We have outlined below how to publish an article on LinkedIn to help boost the value of your LinkedIn profile.

Publishing an Article on LinkedIn

  1. Log in to LinkedIn and Click on Home.
  2. Under your profile image, click on Publish a post.
  3. Add an image (698×400) to support your post.
  4. Add the title of the post to the “Write Your Headline” section
  5. Start typing your post in the body section or copy and paste your text file into the body.
  6. Add any additional formatting (H1, H2, Bold, Links, etc).
  7. Add 3-5 tags that will help people easily find your content.
  8. Once complete, you can click Save to publish at a later date or click Publish if ready to publish now.