How to Sign Up for a Google Analytics Account

Now that your website is being designed and developed, it’s time to sign up for Google Analytics so the tracking code can be implemented.

Here are the steps:

1.) Go here – and click create an account on the right hand side.

2.) Sign up with the gmail address that you have.

3.) Click on Sign Up.

4.) Make sure that “Website” and “Universal Analytics” is selected.

Account Name – “Name of Site”
Website Name – “Name of Website”
Website’s URL – “Site URL”
Industry – Select industry
Time Zone – Select most appropriate
Keep all boxes checked.
Click “Get Tracking ID”

5.) Agree to the terms and create an account.

6.) It will then take you to the tracking code page. Please save this code to a text file so that you can send it to your developer.

7.) If you would like to add an admin (working with us, we will ask for admin rights) please complete the following:

8.) On the left hand side, click on “User Management”.

9.) Then under “Add Permissions For” add the email address of the person you are adding.

10.) Add them as a manager and edit, which will create all access for the time being so the account can be set up properly.

11.) Click Add.

You’re done!