Rapidly expanding online media allows for a greater span of influence. Our services acquire and manage a multitude of affiliates, new and old. We develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy which includes current affiliates as well as finding new ones and opening the doors of communication. Our team creates multiple network choices, giving you the option to pick the best fit for your company. In every aspect of our affiliate management, we examine the details of your programs and make experienced recommendations. We also provide fresh ad content that is fine-tuned to your business and affiliates. Luckily, we don’t stop there. With our on-going affiliate management, we help you sustain your business relationships for the long term.


No approach works the same for every business. With that in mind, we create a custom approach to your affiliate program.


Affiliate management is all about keeping a great relationship with affiliates. We help build and maintain these relationships.


What better way to keep affiliates updated on specials and sales other than a newsletter. We create a custom newsletter for your affiliate program.


How will we know your affiliate program is succeeding without reporting? We provide monthly dashboards for your review.

Affiliate Program Audit

The affiliate management program is aimed at key elements in your business partnerships. Our role will include a thorough review of your current affiliate program with a direct view of potential and costs. We will also provide recommendations on any new text or banner ads and offer recommendations for new recruitment of affiliates to expand your business ventures.

Program Set Up / Launch

An effective set up and launch of your affiliate program is essential to business growth. Our set up will include an outline of various options for affiliate networks while creating en effective strategy for any network chosen. To ensure a compelling launch, we will create ads and banners as well as provide tracking code recommendations.

Recruitment / Activation

Establishing new affiliates is crucial for any growing business. The CSI Marketing Solutions team will help you to create an affiliate recruitment strategy that can expand online business effectively. We offer active implementation of the recruitment plan which includes where and how to find affiliates and establishing contact and manage a working relationship with new business.

Creative / Banner Design

Our creative team is balanced with expertise and experience. We bring an edge to affiliate options that will keep you ahead of the technology curve. We assess current ads and banners and make fresh updates for effective response. In addition, we create new display ads customized to specific client interests. We will create multiple ads depending on needs of sizing, flash or static banners, or call to actions, they are all included in our design campaign.

Tracking / Reporting

Continued maintenance requires detailed review. Once we have created new content for affiliates, we conduct extensive monthly analytics reports to determine effectiveness and amount of traffic. Using everything from general impressions to clicks, conversions and affiliate payouts, the progress of the campaign is gauged accordingly. We include new and current affiliates in every tracking report and assess updates as needed.


  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  • We provide training to allow you to manage affiliates as well
  • We have relationships with top “super affiliates”
  • We have an in-house design team to create all affiliate banners needed
  • No long-term contracts. We offer month to month contracts

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