Your e-Commerce platform is the backbone of your marketing campaign. With our eCommerce services, this essential aspect of business will be hardwired to succeed. We focus heavily on SEO-targeted developments and will take various platform options to the table to find the best fit for your business. Product mapping is enhanced by an in-depth analysis of all offered products and an outlined hierarchy of those elements. We also assess your conversion rates including page and checkout flow, high traffic, or visitor drop-off sections to determine where your current platform is effective and where it needs new development. Whether you need an entire eCommerce platform built from the ground up or new recommendations to your current program, we can offer experienced recommendations for a strong online presence.


We create custom designs that fit your product specifically. We focus on conversions with our design.


We build out eCommerce platforms with not only a focus on user experience, but also on SEO.


What good does an eCommerce platform do if the website is not converting? We will continue to optimize for conversions.

eCommerce Strategy

With a detailed eCommerce strategy, issues within this form of advertising will be addressed. We will assess the pros and cons of a variety of eCommerce platforms and work with your team to find the best fit, whether that is the current one or a new version. We provide detailed outlines of the development of eCommerce with a focus on SEO development and organize a hierarchy of products for effective structuring and product flow.

Product Mapping

With a detailed plan in place, we will establish a product mapping outline with a structural view of the eCommerce platform. This will include an organized development of a product map for your products that places each in outlined categories while creating a fluid path that allows for ease of shopping for visitors. We will also structure the URL and re-organize to promote growth and development.

eCommerce Development

When needed, our team can develop an eCommerce platform from the ground up. With our expertise in each platform such as Magento, Shopify, WordPress and more, we will develop a detailed plan to implement an eCommerce platform that is both effective and manageable. This service is aimed at getting your business at the forefront of technology by taking your existing platform and developing a strong eCommerce presence in the market.

Shopping Cart Analysis

When assessing eCommerce optimization, we will review everything from product placement to your shopping cart. While it may seem minor, the efficiency of your shopping cart is imperative in your online development. We will evaluate all aspects of the online purchase, including checkout and accessibility as well as flow and ease within the shopping cart. With a variety of cart options, from the 1-click to the 3-step process, we will recommend the best fit for you.

Conversion Optimization

With an in-depth look at your site’s conversions, we can pinpoint exactly where traffic flows and where conversions could be enhanced. We provide a logical analysis of the checkout flow which includes all conversions and page flows. With this data, we can determine an effective flow and also identify where visitors leave the site. Determining these elements will help us to provide in-depth recommendations to increase your conversions.


  • e-Commerce platforms that best fit your needs
  • We build out e-Commerce with SEO in mind
  • We work with WordPress eCom, Magento, Shopify and more
  • We provide custom analytics tracking for eCommerce
  • Split payment plans during implementation process

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