Online marketing is the new frontier for business development. Whether you’re selling locally or you have international accounts, this focus is key to generating new leads and creating new business. The internet is an entire map of people and many are searching for your services specifically. Without an effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, you may be missing out on potential new leads and business. CSI Marketing Solutions’ PPC Management services will create PPC campaigns which optimize costs and focus on driving awareness and conversions. These PPC campaigns are focused on progressing your website’s search visibility and helping you dominate the search landscape.

Google Adwords

We will create your Adwords campaign from scratch with keyword research, ad creation, and daily optimization management.

Bing Ads

We provide management of Bing Ads along with Google Adwords. We optimize costs to provide best ROI.

A/B Testing

We will compare conversion rates and other KPI’s and make validated decisions based on statistical data, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Landing Pages Optimizations

The click-through is only half the battle. We will provide landing page optimization recommendations to help increase conversions on-site.


Pay-per-click advertising is not as simple as just creating a Google Adwords account and adding keywords. We analyze every keyword to determine if the current bids are properly optimized and ensure that we provide the lowest cost per click for our clients.

PPC Audit

An effective pay-per-click campaign must begin with an assessment. With our PPC audit, we will review current costs on a keyword level and analyze existing ads and conversions. We will discover where your marketing campaigns are excelling and where changes could be implemented for a more effective online presence. Within this audit we will:

  • Evaluate current PPC Campaigns and determine where we need to make changes
  • Create a keyword analysis of top performing keywords and lowest performing keywords
  • Create a plan to decrease cost per click
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Initial Campaign Setup

To begin is to know your potential. With your initial PPC setup, we will create ad copy and conduct extensive keyword research and segment those words into what would best suit you. In these stages, your initial bids, tracking code implementations and landing page recommendations will be assessed to heighten your influence online.

On-Going Maintenance

The business is in the details. With our ongoing PPC maintenance retainers, we will report monthly on your updates on updates to the campaigns, including bids, ad copy edits and landing page changes, conduct in-depth analytic reporting on initial findings and fine tune keyword research to optimize your company’s conversion. With this step, we understand what your company holds in the online market and we will assess new campaign recommendations based on first-hand knowledge.

Text / Banner Ad Creation

What your clients see is what they get. Our services are complete with an in-depth ad creation campaign that creates test ad copy and invents unique and stylized elements to your brand. With this service, we create anything from simple static ads to complex flash ad campaigns which can make your statement in one move.

Re-Marketing Campaigns

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  • We work with any budget, large or small, that fits your advertising needs
  • We are also designers, so we provide landing page recommendations
  • You have your own personal account manager
  • No long-term contracts. We offer month to month contracts
  • You own the account, we just manage it. Account stays under your profile

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