We create a detailed strategy, that includes the type of posts, (text, image or video), frequency and timing of posts for optimal reach while developing text, image, video and blog content. We also assess your current profiles to optimize their potential. Because skill is key in social media, we conduct extensive training for you and your associates in every outlet to ensure that you are equipped to navigate each platform.


Social media is all about interactions, not just one way conversations. We will create interactions between your company and your customers.


Our analytics team will provide up to date social analytics data that includes your reach on social media and how it is performing.


Our real-time monitoring creates an opportunity for you to have an eye on social media at all times. We will know of any real-time brand mentions.


Closely managing brand mentions will allow us to react to any good or bad conversations about your business.


We are living in the year 2016, so why are so many still marketing like it is 2005? We understand user behavior and that in this world we live in, everyone is on their mobile devices, so we ensure that you are always in front of them.

Account Setup

Social media is not just for personal use. With our social media management, we will create and setup accounts in numerous social media sites with knowledge of how each social site is different than the other. In addition to new outlets for marketing and ad campaigns, we will maximize the potential of your existing social media accounts and create fresh content for effective updates.

Social Media Strategy Creation

Each social site, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and business or personal blogs each have their own sphere of influence and rapport. By creating a customized social media strategy, we will provide a detailed plan of action for each site based on time-sensitive post times. In addition, we increase frequency of posts as well as improve the quality of the text, video and image content that your company is producing.

Social Media Training

We promise we won’t train you too hard. We offer extensive tutorials on the most effective usage of each social media site as well as the navigation of White Papers with ease. In addition, we offer detailed programs to teach the effectiveness of individual personal social media to promote your business in a professional manner.

Day-to-Day Management

When the actual wear-and-tear management of your business is enough, know that your online business is managed effectively. Al daily implement strategy, post time-sensitive material based on market surveys and manage the sites with your company’s best interests in full view.

Social Media Reporting

Understanding the data behind social media is simplified with our services. We draw monthly analytics for social media to review the number of tweets, re-posts, shares and all other activity on your campaign. We conduct in-depth analysis of these results for optimum posting times. We work with you to determine whether image, textual, or idea-based media is best for you.


  • Dedicated Personal Account Manager
  • We provide education to allow you to help manage your social accounts
  • We don’t just focus on Likes / Followers. We focus on interactions and results
  • We stay up-to-date on all social networks, not just Facebook and Twitter
  • No long-term contracts. We offer month to month contracts

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