These Five Instagram Tips Can Help You Grow Your Business

We know that Instagram can be an extremely powerful tool for reaching out to an audience online. If you don’t know how to actually leverage Instagram however, it can be a daunting task. Using Instagram as a business may have a bit of a different strategy than your personal Instagram account.

We have created these five tips to help you have an easier time managing your Instagram account:

Use Emojis

Emojis can be an extremely powerful tool for relating to people online and expressing various emotions in your Instagram account. With plenty of downloadable Emojis and fun themes, you can create more unique messages with the use of these symbols.


Since Emojis relate to feelings, your Instagram posts will feel more personal and become more shareable.


Hashtags are one of the biggest tools you can use on Instagram. They can help ensure that your content is seen during trending topics. Be sure to tag all of your posts with various hashtags so that you can reach followers that are looking for this type of content. Without using hashtags in your content you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with new users.

People that follow specific hashtags may have never known that you existed until they saw your Instagram post show up in the hashtag feed. The more hashtags the better. However, use your common sense. Do not use hashtags that have zero meaning to your post. Keep it relevant!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is big, very big on Instagram right now. If you’re not familiar with influencer marketing, here is the quick breakdown. You pay someone who has a large follower base in your niche, to use or promote your product within their Instagram post. By doing so, you are now reaching the followers on that particular influencer.

Why is this a great opportunity? Not only are you now reaching the audience of that particular influencer (which should be a large amount that is qualified in your niche), but these people are already interested in your niche.

Geo Tagging

If you rely on your local community for your business and sales, then reaching a world-wide demographic is not as important. For example, let’s say you own a pizza shop in Delray Beach, FL, you don’t really care as much if people in California are seeing your posts (this could be important because the CA resident could have ties to south Florida).

By Geotagging your posts, you are able to make sure that people in a specific area will see your post and they will be more likely to purchase from you then someone out of state. This is also a great way to have new people find your business who didn’t know it existed.

Reach Out Organically

it can be very tempting to build up a network by paying for Instagram followers. Rather than potentially paying for robotic followers or fake accounts, you should strongly consider growing your business organically by reaching out to users over time. As your network grows with hashtags, fun content, giveaways and through showcasing your local area you can get much more valuable followers and more engagement from your posts.

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